Xin-wang Cai

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The Notch pathway is a highly conserved pathway that regulates hippocampal neurogenesis during embryonic development and adulthood. It has become apparent that intracellular epigenetic modification including DNA methylation is deeply involved in fate specification of neural stem cells (NSCs). However, it is still unclear whether the Notch pathway regulates(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The vascular morphology in crowd with family history of stroke remains unclear. The present study clarified the characteristics of the intracranial vascular CoW and prevalence of intracranial aneurysms in subjects with family history of stroke. METHODS A stratified cluster, random sampling method was used for subjects with family(More)
BACKGROUND Despite advances in laboratory diagnostics, antibiotic regimens, and neurosurgical techniques, brain abscess (BA) remains a potentially fatal infectious disease. This study analyzed clinical and epidemiological aspects of BA in Chinese patients treated at a single center during a 62-year period. METHOD We retrospectively analyzed 620 BA(More)
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