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A delivery system targeting bone formation surfaces to facilitate RNAi-based anabolic therapy
Results indicate (AspSerSer)6-liposome as a promising targeted delivery system for RNA interference–based bone anabolic therapy and markedly promoted bone formation, enhanced the bone micro-architecture and increased the bone mass in both healthy and osteoporotic rats. Expand
Biodegradable CaMgZn bulk metallic glass for potential skeletal application.
  • Y. B. Wang, Xinhui Xie, +6 authors L. Qin
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Acta biomaterialia
  • 1 August 2011
A low density and high strength alloy, Ca65Mg15Zn20 bulk metallic glass (CaMgZn BMG), was evaluated by both in vitro tests on ion release and cytotoxicity and in vivo implantation, aimed at exploringExpand
Phenylpropanoid and flavonoids from osteoprotective fraction of Drynaria fortunei
A new phenylpropanoid, 12-O-caffeoyl-12-hydroxyldodecanoic acid, and a new chalcone, together with eight known compounds, have been isolated from one of the osteoprotective fractions of Drynaria fortunei (Kunze) J. Sm. Expand
Triterpenes isolated from acorns of Quercus serrata var. brevipetiolata exert anti-inflammatory activity
Abstract Acorns serve as an important role as an important cash crop in human history and are a source of food for many countries. In this study, ten pentacyclic triterpenes, three of which wereExpand
Osteogenic magnesium incorporated into PLGA/TCP porous scaffold by 3D printing for repairing challenging bone defect.
PTM scaffolds are promising composite biomaterials for repairing challenging bone defect that would have great potential for its clinical translation. Expand
Porous composite scaffold incorporating osteogenic phytomolecule icariin for promoting skeletal regeneration in challenging osteonecrotic bone in rabbits.
The in vivo study indicated that the PTI scaffold could enhanced the mechanical properties of new bone tissues and improved angiogenesis within the implanted region in SAON rabbit model than those of PLGA/TCP (PT) scaffold. Expand
Structural identification of methyl protodioscin metabolites in rats’ urine and their antiproliferative activities against human tumor cell lines
Methyl protodioscin (MPD), a furostanol saponin, is a preclinical drug shown potent antiproliferative activities against most cell lines from leukemia and solid tumors. The metabolites of MPD inExpand
Defective autophagy in osteoblasts induces endoplasmic reticulum stress and causes remarkable bone loss
Investigating the direct role of ATG7 during developmental and remodeling stages in vivo using osteoblast-specific Atg7 conditional knockout mice provides direct evidences that autophagy plays crucial roles in regulation of bone homeostasis and suggests an innovative therapeutic strategy against skeletal diseases. Expand
Osteogenic effects of flavonoid aglycones from an osteoprotective fraction of Drynaria fortunei--an in vitro efficacy study.
Flavonoid aglycones in SDF could promote differentiation and mineralization of osteoblastic UMR 106 cells in vitro, which was explained by activation of ER signaling pathway. Expand
Anti-Inflammatory Oleanolic Triterpenes from Chinese Acorns
Eleven oleanolic triterpenes, one of which was novel, were isolated from Chinese acorns and showed remarkable anti-inflammatory activities and could inhibit TNF-α-induced IL-6 and IL-8 production in MH7A cells. Expand