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BACKGROUND To overcome the drawbacks of permanent stents, biodegradable stents have been studied in recent years. The bioabsorbable polymer vascular scaffold (BVS) was the first bioabsorbable stent to undergo clinical trials, demonstrating safety and feasibility in the ABSORB studies. Iron can potentially serve as the biomaterial for biodegradable stents.(More)
OBJECTIVE The radial artery differs from internal mammary artery in its vascular biology and long-term patency after coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG). This study was designed to investigate their ultrastructural differences that may have implications in arterial remodeling and graft failure. METHODS Thirty-four radial artery and 11 internal mammary(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the application and significance of aerodynamic parameters in voice function assessment. METHODS The phonatory aerodynamic system (PAS) was used to collect aerodynamic parameters from subjects with normal voice, vocal fold polyp, vocal fold cyst, and vocal fold immobility. Multivariate statistical analysis was used to compare(More)
OBJECTIVE To improve the diagnosis of pulmonary thromboembolism (PTE) by a clinical-pathological analysis of 10 cases of PTE. METHODS Eight cases of massive and submassive (in the segmental and larger pulmonary arteries) PTE confirmed by autopsy and 2 cases of PTE who underwent surgical treatment in the past 10 years (1991 - 2001) were studied. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the relationship between inflammation and neointimal proliferation after coronary stent implantation in porcine model. METHODS Twenty normal minipigs were randomly divided into group A (implanted with 316L bare metal stents), group B (implanted with 605L bare metal stents), group C (implanted with PLGA coating 605L stents), and group D(More)
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