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Tributyltin (TBT), widely used as an antifouling biocide, is the most abundant pesticide in coastal environments. Trimethyltin (TMT) is a potent neurotoxicant of a mechanism of action yet to be uncovered. The neurotoxicity of TBT and TMT on the brain of marine fish Sebastiscus marmoratus was investigated in this study. The results showed that TBT and TMT(More)
For some insect groups, wing outline is an important character for species identification. We have constructed a program as the integral part of an automated system to identify insects based on wing outlines (DAIIS). This program includes two main functions: (1) outline digitization and Elliptic Fourier transformation and (2) classifier model training by(More)
OBJECTIVE To understand the prognosis of the children with urinary calculi associated with exposure to melamine-contaminated formula. METHODS A follow-up study was performed in 47 out-patients from the Third Hospital of Peking University who were diagnosed with urinary calculi associated with exposure to melamine-contaminated formula. Urinary tract(More)
Trimethyltin (TMT) is a well-documented neurotoxicant that affects the function of central nervous system (CNS). In this study, we studied the neurotoxicity of TMT on the brain of marine fish Sebastiscus marmoratus. Our results showed that TMT acute exposure induced brain cell apoptosis in the telencephalon, optic tectum and cerebellum. In addition, we(More)
CONTEXT It was proposed that the association between low birth weight and adult insulin resistance is principally genetically mediated. The insertion/deletion polymorphism of the angiotensin-converting enzyme gene was associated with insulin sensitivity in adults. OBJECTIVE Our goal was to investigate the relationship between angiotensin-converting enzyme(More)
CONTEXT Reduced birth weight is associated with increased risk for the insulin resistance syndrome. Part of this risk is hypothesized to originate from intrauterine growth retardation. OBJECTIVE The aim of this study is to determine whether or not the components of the insulin resistance syndrome are associated with reduced fetal growth. DESIGN This was(More)
CONTEXT Infancy is the fastest growth period in a child's development after birth, but little is known about hormonal regulation mechanism for the growth and development of this period. OBJECTIVE The objective of this study is to analyze the trend of serum IGF-1 levels in healthy infants and the relationship of IGF-1 to the growth velocity and feeding(More)
Like other members of the transforming growth factor beta (TGF-beta) family of growth factors, the biological activity of TGF-beta2 is believed to be regulated by the formation and dissociation of multiprotein complexes. To isolate the molecular complex formed by TGF-beta2 secreted by hypertrophic chondrocytes we have used expression of TGF-beta2 fused with(More)
Protein complexes are a cornerstone of many biological processes and together they form various types of molecular machinery. A broad understanding of these protein complexes is crucial for revealing and building models of protein function and regulation. Pancreatic cancer is a highly lethal disease which is difficult to diagnose at early stage and even(More)
We develop statistical methods for detecting rare variants that are associated with quantitative traits. We propose two strategies and their combination for this purpose: the iterative regression strategy and the extreme values strategy. In the iterative regression strategy, we use iterative regression on residuals and a multimarker association test to(More)