Xin-ju Zhu

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OBJECTIVE To observe the changes of cardiac functional indicators in spontaneously hypertension rats (SHR) suffered by struck injuries of soft tissues, form which to discuss the significance in relationship between injury and disease. METHODS SHRs were divided into four groups according to the degree, and whose thigh was struck with the homemade hit(More)
OBJECTIVE Morphologic features of the corpse of rabbits died of potassium intoxication were studied in order to elucidate an objective evidence for forensic determination of death caused by potassium intoxication. METHODS Macroscopic, microscopic, and ultrastructural (by transmission electron microscopy) changes were observed in the heart, brain, and(More)
OBJECTIVE To explore the objective evidence of the corpus biochemical changes in rabbits for postmortem diagnosis of potassium intoxication. METHODS Rabbits were sacrificed by Infusion of 0.3% KCl at full speed push or 1% KCl at 100 drip/min, respectively, with normal rabbits used as control. Cardiac blood and urine samples were collected before and after(More)
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