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BACKGROUND Psoriasis causes worldwide concern because of its high-prevalence, as well as its harmful, and incurable characteristics. Topical therapy is a conventional treatment for psoriasis vulgaris. Chinese medicine (CM) has been commonly used in an integrative way for psoriasis patients for many years. Some CM therapies have shown therapeutic effects for(More)
Erratum Unfortunately, the original version of this article [1] contained an error. The superiority margin difference should be 5 % instead of 10 %. We performed a superiority test of two independent proportions with superiority margin difference of 5 % by PASS 11.0 software again, and the results were the same as mentioned in the paper before. The sentence(More)
BACKGROUND To provide evidence that the Chinese herbal medicine (CHM) PSORI-CM01 combined with Western medicine reduces the relapse rate of psoriasis vulgaris (PV), we plan to conduct a large-scale randomized control trial (RCT). In order to improve and perfect the RCT, this pilot study was designed to determine the feasibility and the potential of a(More)
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