Xin-cai Zhang

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Articles you may be interested in Magnetic and magnetotransport properties of half-metallic CrO2-SnO2 composites We have investigated (110) CrO 2 /natural barrier/Co magnetic tunnel junctions for their barrier and magneto-transport properties. A negative tunnel magnetoresistance (TMR) of over 5% was observed in micro-fabricated devices at 4.2 K, which is(More)
Articles you may be interested in Strain effect caused by substrates on phase separation and transport properties in Pr0.7(Ca0.8Sr0.2)0.3MnO3 thin films Impact of yttrium on structure and mechanical properties of Cr–Al–N thin films Strain effects in thin films of CrO 2 on rutile and sapphire substrates We report a study of substrate-induced strain and its(More)
Steel-Concrete-steel sandwich panel is a new tape composite plates, in which the two steel plates are inter-connected by a series of transverse bar connectors simultaneously friction welded at both ends or only one end, the load-bearing capacity and the rigidity of sandwich panel will be enhanced by using prestressed force. The interface slip of prestressed(More)
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