Xin Zhong

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We apply the Bayesian information criterion (BIC) to unsu-pervised segmentation of two-way telephone conversations according to speaker turns, and then proceed to produce homogenous clusters consisting of the resulting segments. Such clustering allows more accurate feature normalization and model adaption for ASR-related tasks. In contrast to similar(More)
Automatic recognition of compressed speech in such applications as voice mail or call centers has significantly degraded performance compared to non-compressed data when background noise is present. Recognition of transmitted speech, such as in cellular, voice over IP, or networked PDA input, may also face the problem of frame erasures. There have been(More)
Emotional conflict refers to the influence of task irrelevant affective stimuli on current task set. Previously used emotional face-word tasks have produced certain electrophysiological phenomena, such as an enhanced N450 and slow potential; however, it remains unknown whether these effects emerge in other tasks. The present study used an emotional(More)
This paper mainly deals with the issue of incipient fault diagnosis for rolling element bearing. Firstly, an envelope demodulation technique based on wavelet packet transform and energy operator is applied to extract the fault feature of vibration signal. Secondly, the relative spectral entropy of envelope spectrum and the gravity frequency are combined to(More)
Imperceptibility, security, capacity, and robustness are among many aspects of image watermarking design. An ideal watermarking system should embed a large amount of information perfectly securely, but with no visible degradation to the host image. Many researchers have geared efforts towards developing specific techniques for variant applications. In this(More)
Previous research has demonstrated metaphorical mappings between physical coldness–warmth and social distance–closeness. Since the concepts of interpersonal warmth are frequently expressed in terms of food-related words in Chinese, the present study sought to explore whether the concept of raw–cooked food could be unconsciously and automatically mapped onto(More)
As mobile cellular devices and traffic continue their rapid growth, providers are taking larger steps to optimize traffic, with the hopes of improving user experiences while reducing congestion and bandwidth costs. This paper presents the design, deployment, and experiences with Baidu TrafficGuard, a cloud-based mobile proxy that reduces cellular traffic(More)