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We trained a convolutional neural network (CNN) to map raw pixels from a single front-facing camera directly to steering commands. This end-to-end approach proved surprisingly powerful. With minimum training data from humans the system learns to drive in traffic on local roads with or without lane markings and on highways. It also operates in areas with(More)
Constructing a good graph to represent data structures is critical for many important machine learning tasks such as clustering and classification. This paper proposes a novel non-negative low-rank and sparse (NNLRS) graph for semi-supervised learning. The weights of edges in the graph are obtained by seeking a nonnegative low-rank and sparse matrix that(More)
Spatial collocation patterns associate the co-existence of non-spatial features in a spatial neighborhood. An example of such a pattern can associate contaminated water reservoirs with certain deceases in their spatial neighborhood. Previous work on discovering collocation patterns converts neighborhoods of feature instances to itemsets and applies mining(More)
Functional connectomes (FCs) have been recently shown to be powerful in characterizing brain conditions. However, many previous studies assumed temporal stationarity of FCs, while their temporal dynamics are rarely explored. Here, based on the structural connectomes constructed from diffusion tensor imaging data, FCs are derived from resting-state fMRI(More)
In this letter an improvement to TCP-Peach congestion control scheme, called TCP-Peach+, is proposed to further improve the goodput performance for satellite IP networks. In TCPPeach+, two new algorithms, Jump Start and Quick Recovery, are proposed for congestion control in satellite networks. These algorithms are based on low priority segments, called NIL(More)
Digital LDO is proposed to provide the low noise and tunable power supply voltage to the 0.5-V near-threshold logic circuits. Because the conventional LDO feedback-controlled by the operational amplifier fail to operate at 0.5V, the digital LDO eliminates all analog circuits and is controlled by digital circuits, which enables the 0.5-V operation. The(More)
Programmers extensively use application programming interfaces (APIs) to leverage existing libraries and frameworks. However, correctly and efficiently choosing and using APIs from unfamiliar libraries and frameworks is still a non-trivial task. Programmers often need to ruminate on API documentations (that are often incomplete) or inspect code examples(More)
Mutations in GJB2 are the most common molecular defects responsible for autosomal recessive nonsyndromic hearing impairment (NSHI). The mutation spectra of this gene vary among different ethnic groups. In order to understand the spectrum and frequency of GJB2 mutations in the Chinese population, the coding region of the GJB2 gene from 2063 unrelated(More)
A burst is a large number of events occurring within a certain time window. Many data stream applications require the detection of bursts across a variety of window sizes. For example, stock traders may be interested in bursts having to do with institutional purchases or sales that are spread out over minutes or hours. In this paper, we present a new(More)