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4,5-Diaminofluorescein (DAF-2) is widely used for detection and imaging of NO based on its sensitivity, noncytotoxicity, and specificity. In the presence of oxygen, NO and NO-related reactive nitrogen species nitrosate 4,5-diaminofluorescein to yield the highly fluorescent DAF-2 triazole (DAF-2T). However, as reported here, the DAF-2 reaction to form a(More)
In this article we introduce a novel technology that utilizes specialized water dissolvable thin films for valving in centrifugal microfluidic systems. In previous work (William Meathrel and Cathy Moritz, IVD Technologies, 2007), dissolvable films (DFs) have been assembled in laminar flow devices to form efficient sacrificial valves where DFs simply open by(More)
Two gram-negative insect pathogens, Xenorhabdus nematophila and Photorhabdus luminescens, produce rhabduscin, an amidoglycosyl- and vinyl-isonitrile-functionalized tyrosine derivative. Heterologous expression of the rhabduscin pathway in Escherichia coli, precursor-directed biosynthesis of rhabduscin analogs, biochemical assays, and visualization using both(More)
A recent temperature reconstruction of global annual temperature shows Early Holocene warmth followed by a cooling trend through the Middle to Late Holocene [Marcott SA, et al., 2013, Science 339(6124):1198-1201]. This global cooling is puzzling because it is opposite from the expected and simulated global warming trend due to the retreating ice sheets and(More)
As one of the key enzymes in the oxidative pentose phosphate pathway, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PDH) plays a role in response to abiotic stresses and pathogenesis. Here, a full-length cDNA was obtained, designed as ScG6PDH from sugarcane. The ScG6PDH gene is 1,646 bp long with a 1,524-bp long ORF encoding 507 amino acid residues. Analysis of a(More)
Loop quantum cosmology provides a nice solution of avoiding the big bang singularity through a big bounce mechanism in the high energy region. In loop quantum cosmology an inflationary universe is emergent after the big bounce, no matter what matter component is filled in the universe. A super-inflation phase without phantom matter will appear in a certain(More)
Ni recovery from serpentine soils by phytomining has proved feasible. Phytomining involves the crop of hyperaccumulating plants with high Ni contents and the valorization of Ni by pyro or hydrometallurgical process. In order to evaluate the Ni content of different plants, we analyzed the organs of 14 hyperaccumulators from three genera: Alyssum, Leptoplax(More)
This paper investigates the nature of the causal linkage between stock markets and foreign exchange markets tests are employed and no evidence of a long-run relationship between the variables is found. Three variations of the Granger causality test are carried out and causality from exchange rates to stock prices is found for Canada, Switzerland, and United(More)
In the present paper, an IR/NIR spectrometry based on the pattern recognition using Mahalanobis distance method in the principal component analysis (PCA) space was established for the discrimination of plant parts of tobaccos. Effects of the type of IR/NIR spectrometers, calibration region of the spectra, model parameters and pretreatment of the spectra on(More)