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We consider a Newton-CG augmented Lagrangian method for solving semidef-inite programming (SDP) problems from the perspective of approximate semismooth Newton methods. In order to analyze the rate of convergence of our proposed method, we characterize the Lipschitz continuity of the corresponding solution mapping at the origin. For the inner problems, we(More)
The valence and conduction band densities of states for the HfO 2 / SiO 2 / Si structure are determined by soft x-ray photoemission and inverse photoemission. First principles calculations are used to help in assigning valence band maxima and conduction band minima. The energies of defect states at the band edges are estimated by comparing the theoretical(More)
As high-permittivity dielectrics approach use in metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor production, an atomic level understanding of their dielectric properties and the capacitance of structures made from them is being rigorously pursued. We and others have shown that crystal structure of ZrO 2 films have considerable effects on permittivity as(More)
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