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N(6)-methyladenosine (m(6)A) is the most prevalent internal modification of messenger RNA (mRNA) in higher eukaryotes. Here we report ALKBH5 as another mammalian demethylase that oxidatively reverses m(6)A in mRNA in vitro and in vivo. This demethylation activity of ALKBH5 significantly affects mRNA export and RNA metabolism as well as the assembly of mRNA(More)
The efficiency, robustness and distinctiveness of a feature descriptor are critical to the user experience and scalability of a mobile Augmented Reality (AR) system. However, existing descriptors are either too compute-expensive to achieve real-time performance on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, or not sufficiently robust and distinctive to(More)
The methyltransferase like 3 (METTL3)-containing methyltransferase complex catalyzes the N6-methyladenosine (m6A) formation, a novel epitranscriptomic marker; however, the nature of this complex remains largely unknown. Here we report two new components of the human m6A methyltransferase complex, Wilms' tumor 1-associating protein (WTAP) and(More)
Fuzzy vault is a practical and promising scheme, which can protect biometric templates and perform secure key management simultaneously. Alignment of the template biometric sample and the query one in the encrypted domain remains a challenging task. While implementing fuzzy fingerprint vault, the accuracy of alignment in encrypted domain cannot be ensured(More)
The efficiency and quality of a feature descriptor are critical to the user experience of many computer vision applications. However, the existing descriptors are either too computationally expensive to achieve real-time performance, or not sufficiently distinctive to identify correct matches from a large database with various transformations. In this(More)
Effects of contact time, monochloramine doses, monochloramine application modes, pH, temperature and bromide ion concentrations on formation of disinfection by-products (DBPs), including haloacetonitriles, haloketones, chloropicrin, cyanogen halides and trihalomethanes, during chloramination were investigated using model solutions containing 5 mg/L (as DOC)(More)
The role of Fat Mass and Obesity-associated protein (FTO) and its substrate N6-methyladenosine (m6A) in mRNA processing and adipogenesis remains largely unknown. We show that FTO expression and m6A levels are inversely correlated during adipogenesis. FTO depletion blocks differentiation and only catalytically active FTO restores adipogenesis. Transcriptome(More)
Automatic localization of the standard plane containing complicated anatomical structures in ultrasound (US) videos remains a challenging problem. In this paper, we present a learning-based approach to locate the fetal abdominal standard plane (FASP) in US videos by constructing a domain transferred deep convolutional neural network (CNN). Compared with(More)
In large-scale wireless sensor networks, leveraging data sinks’ mobility for data gathering has drawn substantial interests in recent years. Current researches either focus on planning a mobile sink’s moving trajectory in advance to achieve optimized network performance, or target at collecting a small portion of sensed data in the network. In many(More)