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Identification and molecular characterization of Panax notoginseng virus A, which may represent an undescribed novel species of the genus Totivirus, family Totiviridae
Data suggest that dsRNA PN-S may represent the genome of a member of a novel species of the genus Totivirus, family Totiviridae, for which the name Panax notoginseng virus A (PnVA) is proposed.
A Shift Pattern of Bacterial Communities Across the Life Stages of the Citrus Red Mite, Panonychus citri
Basic information is shed on basic information about the mutualism between spider mites and bacteria, which may be useful in shaping the next generation of control strategies for spider mite pests, especially P. citri.
An established kidney cell line from humpback grouper (Cromileptes altivelis) and its susceptibility to bacteria and heavy metals.
The CAK cell line might be an ideal tool in vitro for analyzing the function of exogenous genes, bacterial susceptibility, and toxicity assay of heavy metals.