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Clinical research of Weikangning in treatment of helicobacter pylori-related peptic ulcer
[Objective] To observe the clinical effect of Weikangning in the treatment of helicobacter pylori(Hp)-related peptic ulcer.[Methods] One hundred patients were randomly divided into two groups.TheExpand
Constructing Cognitive Frames in Literary Translation in the Light of Frame Semantics
From the perspective of frame semantics,one of the difficulties of literary translation lies in the deficiency of the reader's cognitive frames,and an important task for the literary translator is toExpand
Textual Iconicity in Poetry Translation from English to Chinese
Iconicity,as an essential part of cognitive linguistics,contrary to Saussure's theory of arbitrariness,regards linguistic structures and forms as directly reflecting concepts and experienceExpand
On the Faithfulness of the English Translation of Chinese Poetry -A view into poetry translation through the English versions of "Hong Dou Qu
Through a detailed comparative analysis of the two English versions of "Hong Dou Qu" in both ideological content and linguistic style, the paper discusses the problem of faithfulness in form andExpand
On the Problems of Romanizing Chinese Names
In Romanizing Chinese names, various forms appear, which causes a great confusion in spelling Chinese names. Besides the Pinyin System, the most influential ones include the Ricci-Trigault System,Expand
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