Xin-Wei Xu

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UNLABELLED PREMISE OF THE STUDY We developed microsatellite primers to investigate genetic diversity and population genetic structure of the cosmopolitan submerged plant Myriophyllum spicatum. • METHODS AND RESULTS Twenty microsatellite loci were identified in M. spicatum using the microsatellite-enriched library method. The numbers of alleles per(More)
In the rice genus (Oryza), about one half of the species are allopolyploids. These species are not only important resources for rice breeding but also provide a unique opportunity for studying evolution of polyploid species. In the present study, we sequenced four biparentally inherited nuclear loci and three maternally inherited chloroplast fragments from(More)
To provide high-quality duplicate chest images for the intensive care units, we have developed a digital duplication system in which film digitization is performed in conjunction with nonlinear density correction, contrast adjustment, and unsharp mask filtering. This system provides consistent image densities over a wide exposure range and enhancement of(More)
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