Xin Wang

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Graph pattern matching is commonly used in a variety of emerging applications such as social network analysis. These applications highlight the need for studying the following two issues. First, graph pattern matching is traditionally defined in terms of subgraph isomorphism or graph simulation. These notions, however, often impose too strong a topological(More)
As mines of China are scattered, centralized management of remote sensing in mines and realizing efficient retrieval combined with GIS spatial data management advantages is the study and realized main aims. Based on analyzing different management forms and application requirements of multi-source remote sensing images, according to multi-source remote(More)
We address the problem of non-convergence of online reinforcement learning algorithms (e.g., Q learning and SARSA(A)) by adopting an incremental-batch approach that separates the exploration process from the function fitting process. Our BFBP (Batch Fit to Best Paths) algorithm alternates between an exploration phase (during which trajectories are generated(More)
  • Xin Wang
  • 2009
Wavelet transforms have been successfully used in many scientific fields such as image denoising. Ridgelets is a new system of representations, which deals effectively with line singularities in 2-D. However, the discrete version of the ridgelet transform would result in either redundancy or non-reconstruction. In this paper, a pseudo ridgelet transform is(More)
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