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In this paper, we consider the throughput modelling and fairness provisioning in CSMA/CA based ad-hoc networks. The main contributions are: firstly, a throughput model based on Markovian analysis is proposed for the CSMA/CA network with a general topology. Simulation investigations are presented to verify its performance. Secondly, fairness issues in(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Adult bone marrow (BM) is the major source of mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) for cell therapy. However, aspiration of BM involves invasive procedures. We isolated MSC from human full term umbilical cord tissues (UC). The biological characteristics of MSC derived from UC (UC-MSC) were further determined and compared with normal adult(More)
In this paper, we address the rate control problem in a multi-hop random access wireless network, with the objective of achieving proportional fairness amongst the end-to-end sessions. The problem is considered in the framework of nonlinear optimization. Compared to its counterpart in a wired network where link capacities are assumed to be fixed, rate(More)
An effective location algorithm, which considers nonline-of-sight (NLOS) propagation, is presented. By using a new variable to replace the square term, the problem becomes a mathematical programming problem, and then the NLOS propagation’s effect can be evaluated. Compared with other methods, the proposed algorithm has high accuracy.
Extracts of tea, especially green tea, and tea polyphenols have been shown to inhibit the formation and development of tumours at different organ sites in animal models. There is considerable evidence that tea polyphenols, in particular (−)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate, inhibit enzyme activities and signal transduction pathways, resulting in the suppression(More)
Visualizing 3D time-varying uid datasets is diicult because of the immense amount of data to be processed and understood. These datasets contain many evolving amorphous regions, and it is diicult to observe patterns and visually follow regions of interest. In this paper, we present a technique which isolates and tracks full volume representations of regions(More)
OBJECTIVE Convergent research demonstrates disrupted attention and heightened threat sensitivity in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). This might be linked to aberrations in large-scale networks subserving the detection of salient stimuli (i.e., the salience network [SN]) and stimulus-independent, internally focused thought (i.e., the default mode(More)
The MPEG-21 Rights Expression Language (REL) is an XML-based language for digital rights management (DRM), providing a universal method for specifying rights and conditions associated with the distribution and use of assets like content, resources and services. Evolved from the eXtensible rights Markup language (XrML), the REL facilitates the creation of an(More)
Human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) is a widespread opportunistic herpesvirus that causes severe and fatal diseases in immune-compromised individuals, including organ transplant recipients and individuals with AIDS. It is also a leading cause of virus-associated birth defects and is associated with atherosclerosis and coronary restenosis. HCMV initiates infection(More)
BACKGROUND Converging neuroimaging research suggests altered emotion neurocircuitry in individuals with posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Emotion activation studies in these individuals have shown hyperactivation in emotion-related regions, including the amygdala and insula, and hypoactivation in emotion-regulation regions, including the medial(More)