Xin W. Chen

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This article investigates some simple models of the evolutionary interaction between two prey species that share a common resource and a common predator. Each prey species is characterized by a trait that determines both the rate of resource capture and vulnerability to a predator. In a simple model of a three-species food chain, such traits usually(More)
This article presents research on error detection and prediction algorithms in robotics. Errors, defined as either agent error or Co-net error, are analyzed and compared. Three new error detection and prediction algorithms (EDPAs) are then developed, and validated by detecting and predicting errors in typical pick and place motions of an Adept Cobra 800(More)
A production conflict and error detection model has been developed to detect problems that occur in a collaborative environment. A case study was performed on three automobile company agencies (vehicle delivery center, shipping yard, and dealers) in a finished vehicle distribution/shipping environment. The vehicle shipping plan was investigated and possible(More)
In this paper, multipath error on Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) signals in urban environments is characterized with the help of Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) measurements. For this purpose, LiDAR equipment and Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver implementing a multipath estimating architecture were used to collect data in an urban(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o Logic needed for decision support to detect and resolve airport surface conflicts is defined in this article based on complex network theory. In this article, conflicts in airport surface operations are defined, along with a methodology to model and analyze airport surface constraints. The conflict detection and resolution logic take(More)
PURPOSE Patients with infantile nystagmus syndrome (INS) often cannot quickly locate new visual targets or track moving objects. Dynamic demands on visual function are not measured by static measures (eg, visual acuity); they require time-sensitive measures. The authors investigated how dynamic properties of INS (pursuit-target acquisition times) were(More)