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This paper proposes an integrated forecasting framework based on the TEI@I methodology for port logistics forecasting. The framework analyzes and forecasts the port logistics time series data with a few steps. Firstly, census X12 seasonal adjustment method is applied to decompose the time series to several components: trend and cycle component, irregular(More)
With the increasing development of e-commerce application, e-commerce system security is facing the heavy challenge. To solve the purpose of intensifying the behavior trustworthiness and controllability of e-commerce system, we focus on building the trustworthy model between e-commerce system and user behaviors and strengthening the manageability of(More)
A reference network is topologically identical to the existing network in which the generators and loads are not changed while the transmission line capacity will be optimized. By applying a reference network, the optimal transmission capacities of each line could be identified, as it takes annual operational and transmission costs into consideration. A(More)
With the rapid development of various renewable energy sources, a sustainable power system planning scheme is required throughout the world. For a power grid with large-scale wind power integration, it becomes critical to achieve a better performance to supply electricity in disaster circumstances, such as ice-snow. This paper proposes an anti-disaster(More)
This paper presents a detailed study process of life cycle energy consumption and CO<sub>2</sub> emission for transmission system. An assessment framework that consists of six stages is established, within which the energy consumption and CO<sub>2</sub> emission contributions from all life cycle chains are considered. A typical 500kV single-circuit AC(More)
As one of the five system of State Grid corporation of China,Big planning system is the premise and guarantee for the other four big system. And reactive voltage planning, as a very important part of the power grid plan, is the foundation that guarantee grid economic, reliablity and stablity. In line with saving investment and improving the operational(More)
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