Xin Sun

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Objective. To assess the effect of sulfotanshinone sodium injection for unstable angina. Methods. We searched for published and unpublished studies up to June 2011. We included randomized controlled trials that confoundedly addressed the effect of sulfotanshinone sodium injection in the treatment of unstable angina. Results. Twenty-five studies involving(More)
  • Dennis Volpano, Xin Sun, Geoffrey G Xie
  • 2014
The problem of detecting and resolving control conflicts has started to receive attention from the networking community. Corybantic [16] is an example of recent work in this area. We argue that it is too coarse grain in that it does not model the combined operational objectives of multiple controller functions. This paper proposes a finer grain approach(More)
We show that malicious nodes in a peer-to-peer system may impact the external Internet environment, by causing large-scale distributed denial of service attacks on nodes not even part of the overlay system. This is in contrast to attacks that disrupt the normal functioning, and performance of the overlay system itself. We formulate several principles(More)
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