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This paper addresses the berth allocation problem in a multi-user container terminal. There are two typical schemes for berth allocation: one in discrete locations and the other in continuous locations. The former has the advantage of easiness in scheduling but it has a weakness in that terminal usage is not fully efficient. The latter exhibits the complete(More)
We present our thoughts on the design of a novel hybrid system for detecting anomalous traffic in large-scale, policy-rich data networks. A key innovation in our approach is the combination of static configuration analysis and dynamic traffic analytics. More specifically, we will first develop abstractions and mathematical models to formally model the(More)
With the appearance and development of the technology of malicious codes and other unknown threats, information security has drawn people's attention. In this paper, we investigate on behavior-based detection which is different from traditional static detection technology. Firstly, we discuss the procedure in detail, especially feature extraction and(More)
The Extreme Learning Machine algorithm was proposed by Prof. Guangbin Huang in 2004. It is a single hidden layer feedforward neural network. It has attracted extensive research of many scholars because of its fast speed, simple implementation and good generalization performance. In this paper, Quantum Particle Swarm Optimization was introduced to extreme(More)
Modeling and simulation of Ethernet's underlying protocol is an important method of the comprehensive evaluation and network optimization. At present a large amount of simulation and modeling of the existing MAC protocols are based on traditional CSMA/CD protocol. Currently not so much attention is paid to adaptive MAC protocol. This paper proposes a new(More)
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