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5-methylcytosine is a major epigenetic modification that is sometimes called "the fifth nucleotide." However, our knowledge of how offspring inherit the DNA methylome from parents is limited. We generated nine single-base resolution DNA methylomes, including zebrafish gametes and early embryos. The oocyte methylome is significantly hypomethylated compared(More)
We argue that separate identifiers should be used in SDN for identifying users, packets for forwarding purpose, and packets for policy enforcement purpose. We discuss the requirements and challenges in designing such an identifier scheme and sketch its various components. We show that our design can minimize switch table sizes by enabling optimized(More)
Approximate entropy (ApEn) is widely accepted as a complexity measure of the heart rate variability (HRV) signal, but selecting the criteria for the threshold value r is controversial. This paper aims to verify whether Chon's method of forecasting the r(max) is an appropriate one for the HRV signal. The standard limb lead ECG signals of 120 subjects were(More)
Diagnostic tools for neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's disease (AD) currently involve subjective neuropsychological testing and specialized brain imaging techniques. While definitive diagnosis requires a pathological brain evaluation at autopsy, neurodegenerative changes are believed to begin years before the clinical presentation of cognitive(More)
BACKGROUND With the completion of genome sequencing projects for more than 30 plant species, large volumes of genome sequences have been produced and stored in online databases. Advancements in sequencing technologies have reduced the cost and time of whole genome sequencing enabling more and more plants to be subjected to genome sequencing. Despite this,(More)
BACKGROUND Hemoptysis is a significant clinical entity with high morbidity and potential mortality. Both medical management (in terms of resuscitation and bronchoscopic interventions) and surgery have severe limitations in these patients population. Bronchial artery embolization (BAE) represents the first-line treatment for hemoptysis. This article(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the credibility of authors' claims of subgroup effects using a representative sample of recently published randomised controlled trials. DESIGN Systematic review. DATA SOURCE Core clinical journals, as defined by the National Library of Medicine, in Medline. STUDY SELECTION Randomised controlled trials published in 2007. Using(More)
Volumetric methods provide efficient, flexible and simple ways of integrating multiple depth images into a full 3D model. They provide dense and photorealistic 3D reconstructions, and parallelised implementations on GPUs achieve real-time performance on modern graphics hardware. To run such methods on mobile devices, providing users with freedom of movement(More)
Immunoglobulins (Igs) are found thus far only to be produced by differentiated B lymphocytes. By immunohistochemistry analysis, in situ hybridization, and laser capture microdissection-assisted single-cell PCR, we demonstrate that human cancers of epithelial origin, including carcinomas of breast, colon, liver, lung, established epithelial cancer lines, as(More)
In this paper, we address the problem of interference cancellation in global positioning system (GPS) receiver using an adaptive reduced-rank space-time adaptive processing (STAP) interference suppression method based on multistage nested Wiener filter (MSNWF). This improved adaptive reduced-rank method is based on the improved Gerschgorin radii algorithm.(More)