Xin Sun

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We argue that separate identifiers should be used in SDN for identifying users, packets for forwarding purpose, and packets for policy enforcement purpose. We discuss the requirements and challenges in designing such an identifier scheme and sketch its various components. We show that our design can minimize switch table sizes by enabling optimized(More)
Volumetric methods provide efficient, flexible and simple ways of integrating multiple depth images into a full 3D model. They provide dense and photorealistic 3D reconstructions, and parallelised implementations on GPUs achieve real-time performance on modern graphics hardware. To run such methods on mobile devices, providing users with freedom of movement(More)
Today's smartphones are equipped with precise motion sensors like accelerometer and gyroscope, which can measure tiny motion and rotation of devices. While they make mobile applications more functional, they also bring risks of leaking users' privacy. Researchers have found that tap locations on screen can be roughly inferred from motion data of the device.(More)
— Continued increase in variability is a challenge for SRAM scaling into sub-22nm nodes, and presents an opportunity for the introduction of alternate technologies. In this work, the performance and threshold-voltage variability of vertical SOI finFETs are compared against those of planar fully depleted (FD) SOI MOSFETs with thin buried oxide, and are(More)
—Separation of video clips into foreground and background components is a useful and important technique, making recognition, classification and scene analysis more efficient. In this paper, we propose a motion-assisted matrix restoration (MAMR) model for foreground-background separation in video clips. In the proposed MAMR model, the backgrounds across(More)
—In this letter, an efficient channel estimation approach based on the emerging block-structured compressive sensing is proposed for the downlink massive multiuser (MU) MIMO system. By exploiting the channel properties of block sparsity and channel reciprocity in TDD mode, the auxiliary information based block subspace pursuit (ABSP) algorithm is proposed(More)
Background extraction from video sequences is a useful and important technique in video surveillance. This paper proposes a motion-assisted matrix completion model for background extraction from video sequences. A binary motion map is first calculated for each frame by optical flow. By excluding areas associated with moving objects with the binary motion(More)