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This paper addresses the berth allocation problem in a multiuser container terminal. There are two typical schemes for berth allocation: one in discrete locations and the other in continuous locations. The former has the advantage of easiness in scheduling but it has a weakness in that terminal usage is not fully efficient. The latter exhibits the complete(More)
Efficient resource discovery is a challenge aspect in P2P applications. The topological properties of P2P overlay networks are one of the important factors that dominate the performance of resource discovery. In this paper, we present an efficient P2P network model for resource discovery. Firstly, location of the underlying physical network is taken into(More)
Data replication is a common method to reduce the bandwidth consumption and the access latency in distributed systems. The existing replication methods mostly deal with the read-only data, thus the replica management mechanism is relatively simple. Most replication methods replicate files in all nodes or two endpoints on a query path. Naturally, the larger(More)
The existing replica location services mostly deal with read-only data, thus the replica location mechanism is relatively simple. This paper aims to provide global replica view in logic for better supporting all-around replica management to realize optimal replication strategy and replication selection strategy. We present the bidirectional linked list(More)
The topological properties of P2P overlay networks are the key factor that dominates the performance of search. Most systems construct logical overlay topologies without considering the underlying physical topology, which causes a serious topology mismatch between the P2P overlay network and the physical network. Thus location of the underlying network(More)
Replication service in Distributed Systems can reduce access latency and bandwidth consumption. When different nodes hold replicas accessed, there will be a significant benefit by selecting the best replica. Most of the existed replication strategies deal with the prediction of the response time. However, these strategies do not take fully into account the(More)
Modeling and simulation of Ethernet's underlying protocol is an important method of the comprehensive evaluation and network optimization. At present a large amount of simulation and modeling of the existing MAC protocols are based on traditional CSMA/CD protocol. Currently not so much attention is paid to adaptive MAC protocol. This paper proposes a new(More)
With the continuous development of economy and technology, the importance of logistics services has gained more and more attention in the whole industry chain. Collaborative operation between manufacturing companies and logistics companies can improve operational efficiency and save the cost for the enterprise by the way of simplify the transaction process(More)