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Assessment of the oral health behavior, knowledge and status among dental and medical undergraduate students: a cross-sectional study
BackgroundIt is widely accepted that oral health plays an important role in overall health. Both dental and medical students are expected to possess good oral health awareness and work together forExpand
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Estimating forest structural attributes using UAV-LiDAR data in Ginkgo plantations
Abstract Estimating forest structural attributes in planted forests is crucial for sustainably management of forests and helps to understand the contributions of forests to global carbon storage. TheExpand
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Trust game analysis between partners in the supply chain alliance
The lack of trust among supply chain alliance partners leads to the low efficiency of overall supply chain, also prevents the application of supply chain management for the enterprise. The paperExpand
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GGM-Net: Graph Geometric Moments Convolution Neural Network for Point Cloud Shape Classification
We propose a graph geometric moments convolution neural network (GGM-Net), which learns local geometric features from geometric moments representation of a local point set. Expand
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Do Asia-Pacific stock prices follow a random walk? A regime-switching perspective
This article tests for stock market efficiency among 12 Asia-Pacific countries. A novel approach is applied where unit-root tests of real stock prices are embedded within a Markov regime-switchingExpand
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A Self-Adapted Across Neighborhood Search Algorithm With Variable Reduction Strategy for Solving Non-Convex Static and Dynamic Economic Dispatch Problems
The economic dispatch problem is a kind of challenging non-convex problem, which minimizes the total operating cost while being subject to a collection of complex equality and inequality constraints . Expand
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Engagement Paper for Hybrid Format Film Meat
We explore the relationship between the volatility of wealth and consumption expenditure in the US. Using a GARCH-in-mean VAR model, we find that increases in the volatility of the wealth to incomeExpand
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A note on the average propensity to consume, wealth and threshold adjustment
We explore the connection between the average propensity to consume (APC) and wealth to income ratio (WY) in the US. We find evidence of a long-run relationship characterised by threshold errorExpand
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The research on supplier selection in supply chain management under incomplete information market
It is a strategic decision-making process to select suppliers in supply chain management. Under the circumstance of incomplete market information separating equilibrium and pooling equilibrium areExpand