Xin-Qi Li

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A theoretical study is presented to quantitatively analyze the transport experiment through individual DNA molecules reported recently by Porath et al. [Nature 403, 635 (2000)]. A variety of valuable quantities are identified by contacting the theoretical model with the measured data. The partially decoherent nature on the GC pairs of DNA is elaborated in(More)
Developing efficient framework for quantum measurements is of essential importance to quantum science and technology. In this work, for the important superconducting circuit-QED setup, we present a rigorous and analytic solution for the effective quantum trajectory equation (QTE) after polaron transformation and converted to the form of Stratonovich(More)
North Carolina design III (NCIII) is one of the most powerful and widely used mating designs for understanding the genetic basis of heterosis. However, the quantitative trait mapping (QTL) conducted in previous studies with this design was mainly based on analysis of variance (ANOVA), composite interval or multiple interval mapping methods. These(More)
Within the Büttiker dephasing model, the backscattering in the dephasing process is eliminated by setting a proper boundary condition. Explicit expression is carried out for the effective total tunneling probability in the presence of multiple pure dephasing scatterers with partial coherence. The derived formula is illustrated analytically by various(More)
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