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Pasting lemma is proved in Isabelle/HOL. General topology is formalized to express Pasting lemma. Topology definitions and proofs are written in a computer language so that they can be formally verified by machine. We formalize general topology in Isabelle/HOL to find out reasoning mechanisms general topology. Our personal motivation to prove this lemma is(More)
After a brief analysis to the information spreading mode under internet-based micro-blog platform, it quickly classifies and audits the related mirco-blog content in the spreading process in this paper. Then, by analyzing the sender's mood tendency to some specific topics in the content of micro-blog message, it proposes a content audit model under the(More)
Edit distance has been widely used in different areas to evaluate the similarity between strings of characters. In this paper, the improved edit distance is applied into the short sequence anomaly detection, a kind of host security area. Some modifications for original edit distance including the position exchange and the shortest distance algorithm are(More)
On the basis of analyzing market demand of talent positioning for computer professionals in the last three years, it proposes the reform of general education for the freshman of science and engineering professionals, which emphasis on the curricular training and extra-curricular training program for professional education. Furthermore, according to the(More)
on the features of short content and nearly realtime broadcasting velocity of micro-blog information, our lab constructed a public opinion corpus named MPO Corpus. Then, based on the analysis of the status of the network public opinion, it proposes an approach to calculate the sentiment intensity from three levels on words, sentences and documents(More)
Based on our deep research in the last two years, our approach to implementing a cluster based real-time video surveillance system (VSS) has two features: (1) dynamic load cluster management mechanism is applied to automatic surveillance tasks dynamic assignment; (2) active blackboard is used as a service-load monitoring in the system. In this paper, we(More)
On the basis of analyzing the teaching methods of professional courses for post-graduate students in Shanghai University, this paper presents a project-driven teaching mode on post-graduate professional courses, which was set by the school of computer engineering and science. On the basis of teacher’s guidence in class, this method arouses the(More)
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