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Few articles in English have discussed the prevalence of autism in China. The work described here was aimed at estimating the prevalence rate of autism-caused disability among Chinese children and exploring family environmental factors associated with autism based on a national population sample. Data for this study were derived from the Second China(More)
BACKGROUND Analysis using publicly available algorithms predicts that X-ray repair complementing defective repair in Chinese hamster cells 2 (XRCC2), a key component in the homologous recombination repair pathway, is a potential target of micro-ribonucleic acid-7 (miR-7). Some studies have shown that both miR-7 and XRCC2 are associated with cancer(More)
BACKGROUND Birth defects, which are the major cause of infant mortality and a leading cause of disability, refer to "Any anomaly, functional or structural, that presents in infancy or later in life and is caused by events preceding birth, whether inherited, or acquired (ICBDMS)". However, the risk factors associated with heredity and/or environment are very(More)
Disturbances in maternal folate and homocysteine metabolism are associated with neural tube defects (NTDs). However, the role played by specific components in the one-carbon metabolic pathways leading to NTDs remains unclear. Here, we conducted a case-control study to investigate the relationship between the disturbed one-carbon metabolism and the risk of(More)
OBJECTIVE Depression is a common mental disorder in older adults. We examined the prevalence and risk factors for depression in older adults in the Beijing area. METHOD We used data from a cross-sectional survey conducted in July 2006 in Beijing. As part of the national survey for older Chinese adults, 2002 older adults were interviewed. The 15-item(More)
OBJECTIVE CD133 has recently been reported as a marker of cancer stem-like cells in colorectal cancer (CRC). However, its predictive value in CRC still remains controversial. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the association between the expression of CD133 and clinicopathological features and the outcome of CRC patients by performing a meta-analysis. (More)
BACKGROUND Highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) is the current HIV/AIDS treatment modality. Despite the fact that HAART is very effective in suppressing HIV-1 replication and reducing the mortality of HIV/AIDS patients, it has become increasingly clear that HAART does not offer an ultimate cure to HIV/AIDS. The high cost of the HAART regimen has(More)
BACKGROUND Streptococcus pneumoniae infection starts from colonization of the host respiratory tract where interaction with host respiratory tract epithelial cells occurs. To investigate pneumococcal genes that are involved in the early stage of interaction with host epithelial cells, transcriptional responses of an encapsulated pathogenic pneumococcal(More)
Considerable evidence from epidemiological and clinical studies demonstrated that maternal nutritional status is closely associated with placental, embryonic, fetal growth and development, and ultimately pregnancy outcomes. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the study of disorders of pregnancy using a metabolomic profiling approach. In(More)
OBJECTIVE Our objective is to build a model that explains the association between the exposure to trace elements in the soil and the risk of neural tube defects. METHODS We built a function with different parameters to describe the effects of trace elements on neural tube defects. The association between neural tube defects and trace element levels was(More)