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Rural domestic sewage treatment in Northeast cold region of China: rational evaluation of technology options
This research aims to propose reasonable solutions for reference based on the characteristics of rural domestic sewage of the cold regions in Northeast of China (CRNC). Analytical hierarchy process
Application of integrated method of HAZOP-AHP and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation in coal mine gas explosion accident
Hazard and Operability analysis (HAZOP), analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation methods are all important safety evaluation methods. For HAZOP analysis, the subjectivity
A general review of applications of artificial neural network to water industry
This paper presents case studies of applications of artificial neural network (ANN) to water industry including water treatment, water quality and water consumption. Overall, ANN was found to be
The Evaluation of Coal Mine Safety Based on Entropy Method and Mutation Theory
In order to accurately evaluate the safety status of coal mines and improve the safety level of coal mines, the method of evaluating the state of coal mine safety combined with entropy method and
The Application of RBF Neural Network Optimized by K-means and Genetic-backpropagation in Fault Diagnosis of Power Transformer
This paper creatively designs a method to improve these parameters of RBFNN, firstly using the K-means algorithm to optimize the centers and widths of RBfNN, then using the genetic algorithm-backpropagation (GA-BP) algorithm optimize the weights.
Research on safety evaluation of bolt support based on analytic hierarchy process-entropy weight method
The safety evaluation method and application program proposed in this paper are applied to the safety evaluation of bolt support in a coal mine in Shanxi Province, and the results are in agreement with the actual situation.
Study the Maintenance System of Shenhua Wagon
The problems of dynamic monitoring, vehicle accessories parts life overall coordination, and comprehensive analysis system of wagon repair scheme while Shenhua wagon implement state maintenance are solved by analyzing the planned preventive maintenance system.