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Hearing impairment is the most commonly occurring condition that affects the ability of humans to communicate. More than 50% of the cases of profound early-onset deafness are caused by genetic factors. Over 40 loci for non-syndromic deafness have been genetically mapped, and mutations in several genes have been shown to cause hearing loss. Mutations in the(More)
To improve the embedding capacity and provide an imperceptible visual quality, a novel steganographic method based on four-pixel differencing and modified least significant bit (LSB) substitution is presented. The average difference value of a four-pixel block is exploited to classify the block as a smooth area or an edge area. Secret data are hidden into(More)
The goal of this project was to evaluate the feasibility of co-composting of soybean residues and leaves and the effects of turning frequency on compost quality. Soybean residues were mixed with leaves and sawdust in 1:1:3 (w/w wet weight) for achieving a C/N ratio of about 30. Three heaps of about 4 m3 of compost mixtures were prepared receiving a turning(More)
With the development of network and multimedia technologies, multimedia copyright protection and content authentication have become serious problems that need to be solved urgently. Digital watermarking technology provides a strong solution for it. DWT and DCT are two most popular tools used in watermarking algorithm. With the increasing use of SVD, the(More)
Reversible data hiding in encrypted images has become an effective and popular way to preserve the security and privacy of users’ personal images. Recently, Xiao et al. firstly presented reversible data hiding in encrypted images with use of the modern signal processing technique compressive sensing (CS). However, the quality of decrypted image is not great(More)
Disseminated superficial actinic porokeratosis is an autosomal dominant cutaneous disorder characterized by many uniformly small, minimal, annular, anhidrotic, and keratotic lesions. The genetic basis for this disease is unknown. Using a genomewide search in a large Chinese family, we identified a locus at chromosome 12q23.2-24. 1 responsible for(More)
We propose and demonstrate a Fabry-Perot (F-P) optical fiber tip sensor for high-resolution refractive-index measurement fabricated by using 157-nm laser micromachining, for the first time to our knowledge. The sensor head consists of a short air F-P cavity near the tip of a single-mode fiber and the fiber tip. The external refractive index is determined(More)
Most modern secure image steganographic schemes define distortion functions for constraining the embedding changes to those parts of the image that are difficult to model such as textured or noisy regions. However, thus arguments disregard Kerckhoffs’ principle: the warden also knows the adaptivity criterion as well and may be able reproduce or estimate it.(More)