Xin Li

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Precise global/regional land cover mapping is of fundamental importance in studies of land surface processes and modelling. Quantitative assessments of the map quality and classification accuracy for existing land cover maps will help to improve accuracy in future land cover mapping. We compare and evaluate four land cover datasets over China. The datasets(More)
We have developed a new method for predicting helix positions in globular proteins that is intended primarily for comparative modeling and other applications where high precision is required. Unlike helix packing algorithms designed for ab initio folding, we assume that knowledge is available about the qualitative placement of all helices. However, even(More)
Analysis of complex networks has been widely used as a powerful tool for investigating various physical, chemical, and biological processes. To understand the emergent properties of these complex systems, one of the most basic issues is to determine the structure and topology of the underlying networks. Recently, a new theoretical approach based on(More)
Most chemical and biological processes can be viewed as reaction networks in which different pathways often compete kinetically for transformation of substrates into products. An enzymatic process is an example of such phenomena when biological catalysts create new routes for chemical reactions to proceed. It is typically assumed that the general process of(More)
With the rapid development of three-dimensional (3D) modelling, camera calibration is paid more and more attention. In this article, we analyse the influence factors in the calibration: the camera and lens, the shape of control points, photography model and the scale between calibration object and measurement. Appropriate model can get the right result(More)