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Brain water proton (1H2O) longitudinal relaxation time constants (T1) were obtained from three healthy individuals at magnetic field strengths (B0) of 0.2 Tesla (T), 1.0T, 1.5T, 4.0T, and 7.0T. A 5-mm midventricular axial slice was sampled using a modified Look-Locker technique with 1.5 mm in-plane resolution, and 32 time points post-adiabatic inversion.(More)
To understand the role of miRNAs in the molecular mechanisms of temporal lobe epilepsy (TLE), we investigated the changes in microRNA (miRNA) expression profiles of chronic TLE rat models. MiRNAs microarray analysis results showed that 125 miRNAs were detected in the hippocampus of lithium-pilocarpine-induced TLE rats and normal rats. Compared with normal(More)
As tenants take networked virtual machines (VMs) as their requirements, effective placement of VMs is needed to reduce the network cost in cloud data centers. The cost is one of the major concerns for the cloud providers. In addition to the cost caused by network traffics (N-cost), the cost caused by the utilization of physical machines (PM-cost) is also(More)
Virtualization is one of the most promising ways to enhance the scalability of data centers. Individual physical machines(PMs) can be carved into multiple virtual machines(VMs) for consolidation. In fact, most data centers are still using static greedy allocation of resources to VMs, regardless of the resource characteristics of both VMs and PMs. In this(More)
Powerful data centers are the essential supporting infrastructure for mobile, ubiquitous, and cognitive computing, which are the most popular computing paradigms to utilize all kinds of physical resources and provide various services. To ensure the high quality of services, the performance and cost of a data center is a critical factor. In this paper, we(More)
The standard pharmacokinetic model applied to contrast reagent (CR) bolus-tracking (B-T) MRI (dynamic-contrast-enhanced) data makes the intrinsic assumption that equilibrium transcytolemmal water molecule exchange is effectively infinitely fast. Theory and simulation have suggested that this assumption can lead to significant errors. Recent analyses of(More)
One key to malignant progression is the acquired ability of tumor cells to escape immune-mediated lysis. Whereas tumor hypoxia is known to play a causal role in cancer metastasis and resistance to therapy, the link between hypoxia and immune escape in cancer remains poorly understood. Here, we show that hypoxia induces tumor cell resistance to lysis(More)
The placement of virtual machines (VMs) on a cluster of physical machines (PMs) is a primary task in clouds. We can benefit a lot from appropriate placement policy, e.g. cost saving. In this paper, we raise a continuous virtual machine placement problem and propose an on-line algorithm to reduce the power consumption of clouds. Generic methods which deal(More)
Virtualization is a key technology for resource sharing in IaaS/PaaS cloud infrastructures. One primary issue in virtualization is the virtual machine placement (VMP) problem, which is to choose proper physical machine (PM) to deploy virtual machines (VMs) in runtime. In this paper, we study the VMP problem with the goal of minimizing the total energy(More)
[1] An extended Tracking Radar Echo by Correlation (TREC) technique, called T-TREC technique, has been developed recently to retrieve horizontal circulations within tropical cyclones (TCs) from single Doppler radar reflectivity (Z) and radial velocity (V r , when available) data. This study explores, for the first time, the assimilation of T-TREC-retrieved(More)