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PCR-RFLP was used to analyze the polymorphisms of MC4R, LEP, H-FABP genes in a swine breed composite (DIV2) and 4 swine breeds (Yorkshire, Landrace, Meishan, Bamei). The association study of these polymorphisms with several economic traits was carried out on a DIV2 population. The results obtained showed that MC4R/TaqI genotype had an effect for average(More)
Epigenetic processes in the development of skeletal muscle have been appreciated for over a decade. DNA methylation is a major epigenetic modification important for regulating gene expression and suppressing spurious transcription. Up to now, the importance of epigenetic marks in the regulation of Pax7 and myogenic regulatory factors (MRFs) expression is(More)
Wuzhishan pig is one of the rare and endangered breeds in china. They have the following characteristics such as :light body weight and small size, early sexually maturity, high meat quality and genetic identification with 6 approximately 8 pares litter size,body weight of born 0.3 approximately 0.4 kg, 15 approximately 16 kg at 6 month old, 35 kg at 2(More)
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