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In the present work, we investigate the nontrivial roles of independent Gaussian noise and time-delayed coupling on the synchronous dynamics and coherence property of Fitz Hugh-Nagumo neurons on small-world networks by numerical simulations. First, it is shown that an intermediate level of noise in the neuronal networks can optimally induce a temporal(More)
For gaining effective influence radius of heat injection mine for CBM (Coal Bed Methane) and influence rules of permeability under the condition of temperature and effective stress, heat transfer and elastic mechanics theory combined, hooker law of thermal elastic body introduced, mathematical model of thermal-solid coupling to coal-rock was set up, The(More)
This paper focuses on the resonance dynamics of a modular neuronal network consisting of several small-world subnetworks. The considered network is composed of delay-coupled FitzHugh-Nagumo (FHN) neurons, whose characteristic parameters present diversity in the form of quenched noise. Our numerical results indicate that when such a network is subjected to(More)
This paper focuses on a paced genetic regulatory small-world network with time-delayed coupling. How the dynamical behaviors including temporal resonance and spatial synchronization evolve under the influence of time-delay and connection topology is explored through numerical simulations. We reveal the phenomenon of delay-induced resonance when the network(More)
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