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How to identify influential nodes is a key issue in complex networks. The degree centrality is simple, but is incapable to reflect the global characteristics of networks. Betweenness centrality and closeness centrality do not consider the location of nodes in the networks, and semi-local centrality, leaderRank and pageRank approaches can be only applied in(More)
The visibility graph method is used to transform time series into complex networks. In this letter, a fast transform algorithm is proposed for obtaining a visibility graph. Based on the strategy of "divide & conquer," the time complexity of the proposed algorithm is raised to O(n log n), which is more efficient than the previous basic algorithm whose time(More)
Recently, self-similarity of complex networks have attracted much attention. Fractal dimension of complex network is an open issue. Hub repulsion plays an important role in fractal topologies. This paper models the repulsion among the nodes in the complex networks in calculation of the fractal dimension of the networks. The Coulomb’s law is adopted to(More)
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