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A new type of breakout prediction system based on multilevel neural network for continuous casting was proposed, which consists of a pattern recognition unit of single-thermocouple temperature pattern based on BP neural network, a logic judgment unit of multi-thermocouple temperature pattern and a decision making unit of fuzzy neural network based on T-S(More)
As agents must comply with a protocol in any communication and interaction, each multi-agent platform had better offer a mechanism to enable agents dynamically load proper protocols according to the interaction mechanism. For this purpose, this paper proposes a protocol ontology framework, and implements it on the Java Agent Development framework (JADE)(More)
  • Xin Jin
  • 2016 7th IEEE International Conference on…
  • 2016
Military operational C2 (command & control) requires dynamically focalized information for support. Internet search engines do not meet such requirement, as they don't care who is making what decision, and needs what information for support. It is found that commanders of same type, executing similar tasks, have similar information requirements. By this(More)
The key issue of multi-sensor image fusion is how to accurately extract and fuse the high-quality pixels or coefficients of source images. Nevertheless, the so-called high-quality is an uncertain or fuzzy definition, which is very suitable for fuzzy theory to address this problem. By the integration of stationary wavelet transform (SWT) and fuzzy sets, this(More)
DNA sequence similarity/dissimilarity analysis is a fundamental task in computational biology, which is used to analyze the similarity of different DNA sequences for learning their evolutionary relationships. In past decades, a large number of similarity analysis methods for DNA sequence have been proposed due to the ever-growing demands. In order to learn(More)