Xin James He

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This paper studies the early trends of enterprise resource planning (ERP) in China via an executive survey and subsequent statistical analysis. While ERP has been contributed to increased efficiency, increased revenue, and reduced costs, companies with horror stories about their ERP implementation are not uncommon. ERP implementation in China is so new(More)
Research has demonstrated the positive effects of smiles on interpersonal perceptions of attractiveness, likability, and friendliness. A possible mechanism underlying the effects of smiles is babyfacedness. Four studies were conducted with 1,235 participants. In Study 1, 646 participants were assigned to one of the six levels of smile intensity and(More)
Scant empirical research has focused on how impressions of teams are formed based on members' collective appearance, even though team photos are omnipresent in visual communications and teamwork is a common theme to elicit positive responses. Across 4 studies, we show that a subtle increase in the facial resemblance among team members enhances observers'(More)
This research investigates the current status of business process reengineering (BPR) in China by answering the following two questions: How do Chinese business executives view benefits, critical success factors, and major obstacles of BPR implementation? What are the managerial implications of BPR in China? Data were collected by means of survey(More)
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