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Community detection which discovers densely connected structures in a network has been studied a lot. In this paper, we study online community search which is practically useful but less studied in the literature. Given a query vertex in a graph, the problem is to find meaningful communities that the vertex belongs to in an online manner. We propose a novel(More)
Frequent gene amplification of the receptor-activated calcium-dependent chloride channel TMEM16A (TAOS2 or ANO1) has been reported in several malignancies. However, its involvement in human tumorigenesis has not been previously studied. Here, we show a functional role for TMEM16A in tumor growth. We found TMEM16A overexpression in 80% of head and neck(More)
The fates of dendritic cells (DCs) after antigen presentation have been studied extensively, but the influence of lymphoid microenvironments on DCs is mostly unknown. Here, using splenic stromal cells to mimic the immune microenvironment, we show that contact with stromal cells promoted mature DCs to proliferate in a fibronectin-dependent way and that both(More)
Internet traffic has Zipf-like properties at multiple aggregation levels. These properties suggest the possibility of offloading most of the traffic from a complex controller (e.g., a software router) to a simple forwarder (e.g., a commodity switch), by letting the forwarder handle a very limited set of flows; the heavy hitters. As the volume of traffic(More)
CONTEXT As in many other human cancers, overactivation of the phosphotidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/Akt signaling pathway occurs frequently in thyroid cancer, but the mechanism is not completely clear. OBJECTIVE Because activating mutations and genomic amplification of the PIK3CA gene, which encodes the p110a catalytic subunit of PI3K, are common in many(More)
In hyperspectral remote sensing image classification, multiple features, e.g., spectral, texture, and shape features, are employed to represent pixels from different perspectives. It has been widely acknowledged that properly combining multiple features always results in good classification performance. In this paper, we introduce the patch alignment(More)
This paper presents a novel approach and techniques for physics-based electromigration (EM) assessment in power delivery networks of VLSI systems. An increase in the voltage drop above the threshold level, caused by EM-induced increase in resistances of the individual interconnect segments, is considered as a failure criterion. It replaces a currently(More)
With the growth of the Internet and E-commerce, bipartite rating networks are ubiquitous. In such bipartite rating networks, there exist two types of entities: the users and the objects, where users give ratings to objects. A fundamental problem in such networks is how to rank the objects by user’s ratings. Although it has been extensively studied in the(More)
Amplification of chromosomal band 11q13 is a common event in human cancer. It has been reported in about 45% of head and neck carcinomas and in other cancers including esophageal, breast, liver, lung, and bladder cancer. To understand the mechanism of 11q13 amplification and to identify the potential oncogene(s) driving it, we have fine-mapped the structure(More)
Whole blood samples (472) were collected during the period of 2006–2008 from 15 cattle farms in seven districts of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, which is a major pastoral area and represents 1/6 of Chinese territory. Bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) was detected by nested reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction assay (RT-nPCR) and(More)