Xin-Hua Hu

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Numerical simulations of light scattering by a biconcave shaped human red blood cell (RBC) are carried out using the finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) method. A previously developed FDTD code for the study of light scattering by ice crystals is modified for the current purpose and it is validated against Mie theory using a spherically shaped RBC.(More)
Photon propagation in biological tissue can be equivalently modeled with Monte Carlo simulations numerically or by the Radiative Transfer Equation (RTE) analytically. However, testing of a Monte Carlo program modeling photon propagation in biological tissue is difficult due to the unknown character of the test oracles. Although approaches based on(More)
In this work, we derived three-dimensional simplified spherical harmonics approximated higher order diffusion equations. We also solved the higher order diffusion equations using a finite element method and compared the solutions from the first-order diffusion equation and Monte Carlo simulations. We found that the conducted model is able to improve the(More)
Automated classification of biological cells according to their 3D morphology is highly desired in a flow cytometer setting. We have investigated this possibility experimentally and numerically using a diffraction imaging approach. A fast image analysis software based on the gray level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) algorithm has been developed to extract(More)
Reflectance imaging of biological tissues with visible and near-infrared light has the significant potential to provide a noninvasive and safe imaging modality for diagnosis of dysplastic and malignant lesions in the superficial tissue layers. The difficulty in the extraction of optical and structural parameters lies in the lack of efficient methods for(More)
We report a novel method of diffraction imaging flow cytometry to measure and analyze size distribution of microspheres. An automated and robust image processing software based on the short-time-Fourier-transform algorithm has been developed to analyze the characteristic and spatially varying oscillations of side scatters recorded as a diffraction image.(More)
One of the grand challenges for adequately testing scientific software is due to the oracle problem. Metamorphic testing is the promise technique for addressing the problem through checking the satisfaction of a metamorphic relation that defines the correlation on the relation of paired test inputs and the one of their corresponding outputs. Therefore,(More)