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In this paper we present a new event recognition framework, based on the Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence, which combines the evidence from multiple atomic events detected by low-level computer vision analytics. The proposed framework employs evidential network modelling of composite events. This approach can effectively handle the uncertainty of the(More)
Human beta-globin disorders are relatively common genetic diseases cause by mutations in the beta-globin gene. Increasing the expression of the gamma-globin gene has great benefits in reducing complications associated with these diseases. The Oct-1 transcription factor is involved in the transcriptional regulation of the gamma-globin gene. The human(More)
Binary join trees have been a popular structure to compute the impact of multiple belief functions initially assigned to nodes of trees or networks. Shenoy has proposed two alternative methods to transform a qualitative Markov tree into a binary tree. In this paper, we present an alternative algorithm of transforming a qualitative Markov tree into a binary(More)