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Trisomy 21 results in Down's syndrome, but little is known about how a 1.5-fold increase in gene dosage produces the pleiotropic phenotypes of Down's syndrome. Here we report that two genes, DSCR1 and DYRK1A , lie within the critical region of human chromosome 21 and act synergistically to prevent nuclear occupancy of NFATc transcription factors, which are(More)
BACKGROUND The widespread use of clopidogrel alone or in combination with aspirin may result in gastrointestinal mucosal injury, clinically represented as recurrent ulceration and bleeding complications. Our recent work suggested that clopidogrel significantly induced human gastric epithelial cell (GES-1) apoptosis and disrupted gastric mucosal barrier, and(More)
The development of novel therapeutic strategies for glioma requires the identification of molecular targets involved in malignancy. Pygopus (Pygo) is a new discovered and specific downstream component of canonical Wnt signaling. Our previous study has demonstrated that Pygo2 is highly expressed in and promotes the growth of glioma cells. However, the role(More)
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