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Although spiral waves are ubiquitous features of nature and have been observed in many biological systems, their existence and potential function in mammalian cerebral cortex remain uncertain. Using voltage-sensitive dye imaging, we found that spiral waves occur frequently in the neocortex in vivo, both during pharmacologically induced oscillations and(More)
Knowing the type of an uncharacterized membrane protein often provides a useful clue in both basic research and drug discovery. With the explosion of protein sequences generated in the post genomic era, determination of membrane protein types by experimental methods is expensive and time consuming. It therefore becomes important to develop an automated(More)
The aim of this paper is to describe three emerging computer-aided diagnosis (CAD) systems induced by Japanese health care needs. CAD has been developing fast in the last two decades. The idea of using a computer to help in medical image diagnosis is not new. Some pioneer studies are dated back to the 1960s. In 1998, the first U.S. FDA (Food and Drug(More)
Liu's inference is a process of deriving consequences from uncertain knowledge or evidence via the tool of conditional uncertainty. Using identification functions, this paper derives some expressions of Liu's inference rule for uncertain systems. This paper also discusses Liu's inference rule with multiple antecedents and with multiple if-then rules.
  • C Casinovi, X Gao, F Ayazi
  • 2009
This paper introduces two newly developed models of capacitive silicon bulk acoustic resonators (SiBARs). The first model is analytical and is obtained from an approximate solution of the linear elastodynamics equations for the SiBAR geometry. The second is numerical and is based on finite-element, multi-physics simulation of both acoustic wave propagation(More)
—In contrast to testing, mathematical reasoning and formal verification can show the absence of whole classes of security vulnerabilities. We present the, to our knowledge, first complete, formal, machine-checked verification of information flow security for the implementation of a general-purpose mi-crokernel; namely seL4. Unlike previous proofs of(More)
Sparse representation has been widely studied as a part-based data representation method and applied in many scientific and engineering fields, such as bioinformatics and medical imaging. It seeks to represent a data sample as a sparse linear combination of some basic items in a dictionary. Gao et al. (2013) recently proposed Laplacian sparse coding by(More)