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The endophytic bacterial diversity in the roots of rice (Oryza sativa L.) growing in the agricultural experimental station in Hebei Province, China was analyzed by 16S rDNA cloning, amplified ribosomal DNA restriction analysis (ARDRA), and sequence homology comparison. To effectively exclude the interference of chloroplast DNA and mitochondrial DNA of rice,(More)
An aerobic, Gram-negative bacterial strain, TH-G33T, was isolated from freshwater sediment of Taihu Lake in China. The taxonomy of strain TH-G33T was studied by using phenotypic and phylogenetic methods. Cells of strain TH-G33T were coccoid rods or rods and formed colourless to pale-pink colonies on nutrient agar. Phylogenetic analysis based on nearly(More)
Cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAF) are a major constituent of the pancreatic cancer microenvironment and that the meaning is as intended. Pancreatic cancer cells can induce normal fibroblasts to convert into CAF and, reciprocally, CAF promote tumor invasions and proliferations. The mechanism of the conversion from normal fibroblasts (NF) to CAF remains(More)
The rumen hosts one of the most efficient microbial systems for degrading plant cell walls, yet the predominant cellulolytic proteins and fibrolytic mechanism(s) remain elusive. Here we investigated the cellulolytic microbiome of the yak rumen by using a combination of metagenome-based and bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC)-based functional screening(More)
In this paper, the systematic mismatch error in integrated circuits due to gradient effects is modeled and analyzed. Three layout strategies with improved matching performance are reviewed and summarized. The hexagonal tessellation pattern can cancel quadratic gradient errors with only 3 units for each device and has high area-efficiency when extended. Both(More)
—This work presents a self-calibration algorithm that corrects the linearity errors of pipelined ADCs with a sub-radix architecture, based on the results of simple code density tests. The proposed algorithm identifies discontinuities in an ADC's output histogram data, calculates correction codes for transitions in pipeline stages, and digitally calibrates(More)
Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is one of the most common forms of chronic liver disease, and its incidence is increasing year by year. Many efforts have been made to investigate the pathogenesis of this disease. Since 1998 when Marshall proposed the conception of "gut-liver axis," more and more researchers have paid close attention to the role of(More)
Maize 1,491 small secreted peptides were identified, which were classified according to the character of peptide sequences. Partial SSP gene expressions in reproductive tissues were determined by qRT-PCR. Small secreted peptides (SSPs) are important cell–cell communication messengers in plants. Most information on plant SSPs come from Arabidopsis thaliana(More)