Xin Cindy Guo

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Reversible data hiding schemes can be used to embed sensitive personal information in a generic signal without any loss of either the embedded or the host information. Multiple watermarking allows embedding different marks at different stages into the host media. This paper proposes a high capacity reversible multiple watermarking scheme for medical images(More)
An inhibitor of polyadenosine diphosphoribose polymerase, 3-aminobenzamide, had no effect on survival or mutagenesis in Chinese hamster ovary cells exposed to X-rays or u.v. light. After exposure to methyl methanesulfonate, 3-aminobenzamide increased cell killing and mutagenesis at the 6-thio-guanine-resistance locus, but had no effect on mutagenesis at the(More)
Poly(ADP-ribose) is synthesized in response to DNA strand breaks and covalently modifies numerous intracellular proteins. We have proposed that this modification regulates, i.e., inhibits, the activity of these enzymes, e.g., topoisomerases and proteases, which could otherwise cause additional DNA damage or alterations in chromatin structure. Inhibition of(More)
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