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Global land cover mapping at 30 m resolution: A POK-based operational approach
Abstract Global Land Cover (GLC) information is fundamental for environmental change studies, land resource management, sustainable development, and many other societal benefits. Although GLC dataExpand
Quantifying the cool island intensity of urban parks using ASTER and IKONOS data
Urban parks can help mitigate urban heat island (UHI) effects and decrease cooling energy consumption in summer. However, it is unclear how park characteristics affect the formation of a park coolExpand
A SVM-based method to extract urban areas from DMSP-OLS and SPOT VGT data
We proposed a support vector machine (SVM)-based region-growing algorithm to semi-automatically extract urban areas from DMSP-OLS and SPOT NDVI data. Expand
Modeling tree root diameter and biomass by ground-penetrating radar
Roots play a key role in ecosystem functioning as they transfer water and nutrients from soil to plants. Traditional methods for measuring roots are labor-intensive and destructive in nature, whichExpand
Evaluating the potential for urban heat-island mitigation by greening parking lots
Artificial urban land uses such as commercial and residential buildings, roads, and parking lots covered by impervious surfaces can contribute to the formation of urban heat islands (UHIs), whereasExpand
Developing a MODIS-based index to discriminate dead fuel from photosynthetic vegetation and soil background in the Asian steppe area
Dead fuel (DF) coverage and biomass are important parameters for wildfire danger rating and fire behaviour modelling. Although a hyperspectral Cellulose Absorption Index (CAI) has been proven to be aExpand
Phosphorus mobility among sediments, water and cyanobacteria enhanced by cyanobacteria blooms in eutrophic Lake Dianchi.
This study was focused on the phosphorus mobility among sediments, water and cyanobacteria in eutrophic Lake Dianchi. Four conditions lake water, water and algae, water and sediments, and threeExpand
An automatic method for burn scar mapping using support vector machines
Wildfires release large amounts of carbon, smoke and aerosols that strongly impact the global climatic system. Burn scar is an important parameter when modelling the impact of wildfires on theExpand
High-resolution remote sensing mapping of global land water
Land water, one of the important components of land cover, is the indispensable and important basic information for climate change studies, ecological environment assessment, macro-control analysis, and diagnosing health of ecological environment. Expand
Comparison of automatic thresholding methods for snow-cover mapping using Landsat TM imagery
Thresholding the normalized difference snow index (NDSI) image is a method frequently used to map snow cover from remotely sensed data. Expand