Xin-Biao Lu

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The current interest in complex networks is a part of a broader movement towards research on complex systems. Motivation of this work raises the two challenging questions: (i) Are real networks fundamentally random preferential attached without any deterministic attachment for both un-weighted and weighted networks? (ii) Is there a coherent physical idea(More)
The conventional chaos control is only to reach single control objective at each time. Different control objective only can be realized at another time. Obviously, that is not enough for applications of chaos control, especially for chaotic connected complex networks. Therefore multi-objective control (MOC) and cluster synchronization are naturally raised(More)
This paper reports some Nyquist-type criteria for exponential/asymptotical stability in linear time-delayed systems of retarded type, by introducing contraposition separators into the return difference ratio relationships in feedbacks. The Nyquist criteria present necessary and sufficient stability conditions, delays-dependent, which can be interpreted(More)
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