Ximing Zhang

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The CO2 and H2O gas exchange of young beech trees (Fagus sylvatica L.) were measured over a growing season. Of particular interest was the adaptation of gas exchange to the low level of photon flux density in the understorey of the old beech. The recorded diurnal courses were subdivided into several classes of irradiance. The most frequent class was from(More)
To improve the cost-effectiveness of biomass-to-sugar conversion, sodium hydroxide (NaOH) pretreatment of switchgrass was carried out at 21°C using previously determined optimum conditions (2% NaOH (w/v), 6h), and the spent alkaline liquid (black liquor) was collected and used for pretreatment of corn stover, a feedstock exhibiting a higher susceptibility(More)
To evaluate the potential of gamagrass as a feedstock for biofuels, seven gamagrass varieties were analyzed for their chemical composition and subjected to pretreatment at 121 °C using 1% NaOH/H(2)SO(4) (w/w) for 60 min and enzymatic hydrolysis for fermentable sugar production. Based on total sugar yield, the varieties Eagle Point Devil Corn and Sun Devil(More)
The investigations started from the assumption that perennial plants in the foreland of river oases in the Taklimakan desert are able to take up water from soils of low water content and low water potential during long drought periods. In order to check this assumption, P-V curves were established and selected water relation parameters were derived. Alhagi(More)
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