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This paper is an academic experience report describing the use by researchers at the University of Arizona of a domain-specific language developed by the Institute for Software Integrated Systems (at Vanderbilt University). The domain in question is heterogeneous, distributed simulation of quad-rotor unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as they respond to(More)
In recent years, there have been numerous studies from a variety of perspectives analyzing the Internet presence of hate and extremist groups. Yet the websites and forums of extremist and terrorist groups have long remained an underutilized resource for terrorism researchers due to their ephemeral nature and access and analysis problems. The purpose of the(More)
Counter-terrorism, intelligence analysts, and other investigators continue to analyze the Internet presence of terrorists, hate groups, and other extremists through the study of primary sources including terrorists' own websites, videos, chat sites, and Internet forums. Forums and videos are both particularly rich sources of information. Forums —(More)
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