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As a novel evolutionary computation, cuckoo search (CS) algorithm has attracted much attention and wide applications, owing to its easy implementation. CS as most population-based algorithm is good at identifying promising area of the search space, but less good at fine-tuning the approximation to the minimization. To the best of our knowledge, the(More)
The field of constrained nonlinear programming (NLP) has been principally challenging to various gradient based optimization techniques. The Sequential quadratic programming algorithm (SQP) that uses active set strategy in solving quadratic programming (QP) subproblems proves to be efficient in locating the points of local optima. However, its efficient(More)
This paper presents a novel constrained optimization algorithm named MAL-IGWO, which integrates the benefit of the improved grey wolf optimization (IGWO) capability for discovering the global optimum with the modified augmented Lagrangian (MAL) multiplier method to handle constraints. In the proposed MAL-IGWO algorithm, the MAL method effectively converts a(More)