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Color histogram is an important technique for color image database indexing and retrieving. However, the main problem with color histogram indexing is that it does not take the color spatial distribution into consideration. Previous researches have proved that the effectiveness of image retrieval increases when spatial feature of colors is included in image(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of an Internet home automation system. The design is based on an embedded controller which is connected to a PC-based home Web server via RS232 serial port. The home appliances are connected to the input/output ports and the sensors are connected to the analog/digital converter channels of the embedded(More)
New High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) standard is designed to provide substantial coding efficiency improvement compared to H.264/AVC. Latest subjective testing shows 50% improvement has been achieved. Many new technologies contribute to the overall improvement. Intra prediction with 35 modes is one of the key improvements. Associated with that, there is(More)
To dynamically load the large scaled 3D city model based on OSG (OpenSceneGraph), the model is firstly separated small blocks so as to improve the loading speed and save the memory, here we directly separate the scene along the x-axis and y-axis, then we design the algorithm to control the numbers and the positions of loading blocks, thirdly we optimize the(More)
This paper is based on OSG and osgOcean which realized the function of dynamic flooding effect. OsgOcean is a functional module which realized based on OSG and is a part of VENUS plan. Based on this functional module this paper simulated the dynamic flooding effect. China is a country which occurs more frequently floods. At the end of the last century, the(More)
With the promotion and quick development of the concept of smart city, based on this concept how to predict and eliminate the nature disaster has been more and more possible. This paper gives a outline of how to use OpenGL to realize a system of flood simulation. First using OSGDEM to make a real terrain scene with texture and coordination. Second, based on(More)
As the importance of 3D graphics increased rapidly in handled device performance, we designed a 3D graphics accelerator to fit the low power consumption. In order to testing the capability of the accelerator, a hardware/software co-processing system for 3D graphics pipeline test platform is proposed in this paper. The system consists of a soft-core(More)