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A leading manufacturer of forest products with several production facilities located in geographical proximity to each other has recently acquired a number of new production plants in other regions/countries to increase its production capacity and expand its national and international markets. With the addition of this new capacity, the company wanted to(More)
Experiments in vitro have shown that 20-hydroxyecdysone (at a concentration of 0.2 and 2 microM and after 12 and 24 hr of incubation) is able to induce the precocious deposition of chorion materials by the follicular epithelium of young oocytes of the cockroach Blattella germanica. Since previous studies had shown that 20-hydroxyecdysone levels in B.(More)
BACKGROUND Quality of clinical interview is a key issue both for patient satisfaction and for diagnostic efficiency. Its adequacy relates to better clinical diagnosis treatment plans and patient compliance. AIM To measure the quality of interviews performed by medical students in three Chilean medical schools before receiving specific training on the(More)
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